Hatch Tiger Cash - RaiseRight.com

Buy your gift cards using Hatch Tiger Cash*
and raise money for the PTO
at the same time!

Whether you are buying gift cards as gifts or for your everyday shopping needs, purchasing gift cards through Raise Right sends money right to the Hatch PTO to support the programs we love like Hatch After Hours, Field Day, and more.

There’s no catch! Simply create an account, purchase gift cards, and the retailers make the donation to the Hatch PTO. Find all of your favorite brands for gifts and your daily needs – Amazon, Target, Walmart, Jewel, Starbucks, Nike, Home Depot, Best Buy, Gap, Airbnb, gas stations… and hundreds more!

And for the PTO super supporter, there’s even an app for your phone so you could go to a store, get all of your stuff, and then buy a gift card on the spot to pay.

Sign up today with these easy steps:

  1. Download the RaiseRight app or create an account online at www.raiseright.com

  2. Sign up using the Hatch enrollment code: 4691F82655677

  3. Shop, purchase, and enjoy supporting your Hatch PTO!

*Hatch Tiger Cash uses RaiseRight.com for this gift card fundraising program.