Beyond Hunger

2024 Can Do Challenge

The CAN DO Community Challenge is a hunger relief campaign sponsored by Beyond Hunger – schools compete to see who can collect the most points. We help raise food, funds and awareness to help end hunger locally. And our school is in it to win it. There are many ways we can contribute to our school’s Virtual Food Drive to help us win the Can DO Trophy. 

Ways to Earn Points

  • Get Creative
    1,000 Points (10 cards per class)

    Help spread some cheer and have students make birthday and other holiday cards (New Years, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving) for our home delivery clients. Design the card and write messages from the provided template. You can drop off the cards with your food donations at the end of the month or we’ll schedule a pickup.

  • Share a Classroom Activity
    100 Points

    We have a variety of activities that students can do in the classroom or on their own to learn more about hunger and how they can make an impact. Activities include coloring pages, crafts, family activities, word finds and MORE. Each activity is worth 100 points. We just need a picture or scan of the completed project sent to Classroom activities can be found on our google drive:

  • Create your own Cooking Video
    500 Points

    Star in your own cooking show! Students can choose one of the Healthy Recipes from our website and create their own cooking video for us to share on our social media and YouTube channel. Try to keep the video approximately 2 minutes or less. Once we post your video, be sure to share it with your friends and school community. Send video submissions to:

  • Volunteer Hours
    5 Points per hour

    Registered Beyond Hunger volunteers (self, parent, or guardian) can designate their volunteer hours to an affiliated school during the month of April (5 points per hour). If interested in becoming a registered volunteer ahead of the CAN DO Community Challenge please sign up in time to attend the orientation on March 20th (6-7 PM). Volunteers should email to ensure hours are assigned to the appropriate school or group.  

  • Create a Promotional Video
    300 Points

    Work together to create a 1-minute shareable video about how your school is raising awareness, food, and funds for Beyond Hunger. Make it fun and send that video or public link to so that we can brag about your efforts through our social media channels. 

  • Food Donations
    5-8 Points

    Help stock our shelves and donate non-perishable food items. Below is a list of our most needed items for our Food Pantry, Despensa, and Home Delivery programs. You’ll notice a few items are worth more points as these are more difficult for us to procure. 

    *We can also earn 500 Points by packaging and sorting our food donations before drop-off on April 30th. Contact Erin Flanagan-Kopenec if you would like to help. 

Most needed Items

Food Donation List

All food donations will be weighed for a total number of pounds, but only the items listed will be awarded points and count towards the competition.

8 Points

High Need Items

  • Dry black-eyed peas (1-2lb bags)

  • Canned salmon

  • Brown Rice

5 Points

Essential Items

  • Peanut Butter

  • Canned Chicken Soup

  • Cheerios’ Cereal

  • Canned Mixed Vegetables (low sodium)

  • Tomato Paste

  • Bagged Rice (White)

  • Refried and Dry Beans (Pinto and Black)

  • Canned Pineapples

  • Canned peaches (in natural juice)

  • Canned chicken (in water)

Local Businesses

Support Our Partners

Help local businesses and Beyond Hunger by purchasing items from the Most Needed List from our incredible Rescue Partners. Our rescue partners include local grocery stores and retailers that do their part to help eliminate food waste by donating products that are nearing their expiration date, or those with minor cosmetic blemishes. Partners include:

  • Trader Joe’s (483 N. Harlem, OP)

  • Sugar Beet Food Co-op (812 Madison, OP)

  • Jewel Osco (Any in Oak Park or River Forest)

  • Aldi (Any local)

  • Costco (Melrose Park)